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Step by Step

Necessary materials:

• 1-3/4 Inch Flat Iron (Flat Iron must be on 450° when doing treatment;
 for blonds use lower heat - 300°

• Ceramic Technology Professional Blow Dryer

• Hair Color Application Brush and Mixing Bowl

• Professional Hair Clips

• Heat Resistant Combs

• Flat Hair Brush

• Rat Tail Comb

• Pro Cap

• Gloves

***NOTE: The application of this treatment is not to be applied to yourself. If you would like the treatment for yourself, it's necessary to have a separate individual apply the treatment.***

Step 1:

› Wash hair with FIRST Shampoo pH 7.0-8.0.

› Do not use conditioner after the hair is washed.

› Use a towel to remove any excess water. Make sure to dry hair completely!

Step 2:

› Part hair into 3 or 4 sections.

› Pour Bio Anti Frizz Elements into bowl.

› Apply the solution in small sections starting from the back of the head.

› Using an application brush, apply 1 INCH from the roots.

› Comb it through the entire hair and make sure the solution has been equally distributed and the tips of the hair are covered.

Step 3:

› Style the hair into a bun and secure with hair clips.

› Place PRO-CAP or Processing cap over the hair then heat the cap with a blow drier. Be sure to start from the back of the head, working your way to the front until the Pro-Cap has molded and shrinks to the shape of the head.

› Leave the cap on the head for 15 minutes

› After 15 minutes, gently remove the cap and comb the hair straight back.

Step 4:

› Part the hair into 3 or 4 sections.

› Make sure to use a Professional blow dryer to dry the hair!

› Starting from the back of the head, blow dry with a flat brush, at medium heat, making sure that you are drying the hair, NOT styling it. Do this until the hair is 100% dry.

› NOTE: Always work from the back of the head to the front.

Step 5:

› After blow-drying the hair *completely* dry, use a Titanium Flat Iron throughout the entire hair length, section by section.

› Heat should be no less then 410F or 210C (This specified temperature is important implement and seal Bio Anti Frizz Elements into the hair)

› Note: On gentle or bleached blond hair reduce heat to 355F/180C.

Step 6:

› After completely flat ironing the hair, wait 15 minutes.

› Rinse the treatment from the hair well with warm water.

› Shampoo the hair twice without rinsing with Bio Anti Frizz Shampoo, lather then rinse.

› Following the shampoo, apply Bio Anti Frizz Conditioner and then rinse well with COLD water and style as desired.