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33 oz First Shampoo
33 oz First Shampoo

First Shampoo (Bio Anti Frizz) - 32 oz / 1000 mL

On sale: $28.00
  • Size:32oz / 1000ml

Cleanses Hair Cuticle for Further Treatments

Removes Chemicals and Product Build-Up

Washes Away Dull, Heave, Grasy, Limp Look

Replenishes the Hair
It is very important to use our First Shampoo BEFORE the process of application of 32oz - Bio Anti Frizz Elements! This pre-treatment does it's work to clean deeply and rid of oils, chemicals, bacteria, dirt, and hair-product build up. Stripping the hair of any heaviness, greasyness, limpness, and dullness is key for a proper application.

ATTN: This Pre-Treatment Shampoo must be used before applying Bio Anti Frizz Elements for peak implementation.

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