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Q: What is the active ingredient in Bio Anti Frizz Elements?

A: It is a naturally occurring amino acid that is classified as a protein amino acid, called L-cystein.

Q: What types of hair can be treated?

A: All hair types especially curly, thick, porous, damaged, dry, colored, and highlighted hair.

Q: Will this treatment work on colored hair?

A: Yes, this new technology can treat and restore any type of hair: colored, bleached and damaged hair. The results of the treatment will brighten/lighten the tone of your hair color.

Q: How long will the application take?

A: The application process takes the stylist anywhere from 40-90 minutes depending on the length and thickness of the hair.

Q: How long can I wait to wash my hair after the treatment is applied?

A: You can wash your hair after the treatment is applied; same day.

Q: What are the expected results?

A: Soft, straight, shiny, silky smooth and no frizz! The hair looks healthy and youthful. Very easy to manage on a daily basis – just wash and go!

Q: How long will the results last in the hair?

A: 3-6 months, depending on the hair type. It is recommended to use Bio Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain lasting results.

Q: Once the roots grow out, will I need to get a touch up after treatment?

A: No, the treatment will fade progressively as you wash your hair. If you maintain with recommended products, results will sustain for 3-6 months.

Q: I plan to get my hair cut but I also want the treatment, what should I do first?

A: It is essential, but not necessary, to get a hair cut at least 3 weeks before getting the treatment. This will aid with length of time the application takes. It will also give your hair better results for the treatment since the hair has had time to settle in after it's been cut. (Note: This is not necessary but highly recommended, especially if you have a lot of hair and know you are getting the treatment)

Q: I want to color my hair and do the treatment, can I do both?

A: It's recommended to get the treatment first, and then color your hair second. At least 7 days or longer after Bio Anti Frizz Elements treatment is applied so you get the proper color tone when dying your hair.

Q: How does the treatment work?

A: By presenting a lower molecular structure, it penetrates the cortex and form hair fibers to strengthen its structure. These bonds are responsible for the wave that appear in the hair and allows the hairdresser to shape it. Due to its high affinity of keratin, cystein act as an adhesive cementing the damaged cuticle of the wires, which justifies its moisturizing effect, conditioner and restorative.

Q: What is Cysteine and what are the benefits of it?

A: Cysteine is a major component of skin, hair, & fingernails. Studies show that cysteine supplementation can increase hair shaft diameter and hair growth density in some cases of hair loss. It gives strength and endurance; fixing the hair fiber making it healthy, beautiful and radiant from within.

Q: What is Cysteine in Human Hair?

A: Human hair is rich in two basic amino acid compounds, l-cystine and l-tyrosine, with l-cystine comprising up to 14% of the hair. When hair is dissolved (hydrolyzed) in hydrochloric acid, these compounds can be separated and recovered. L-cystine is actually comprised of two L-cysteine amino acids that are joined together, and when this bond is broken using a hydrolysis reaction.

Q: Can I swim in the pool and at the beach after applying the treatment to my hair?

A: It is not recommended since the chlorine from the pool, and the salt water from the beach have the ability to wash the treatment out of your hair.

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