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About Us

Element Hair Therapy represents a hair therapy treatment which provides a more efficient and healthier solution for hair maintenance.

Elements used in this advanced technology system restores the hairs health while progressively controlling the hairs volume and offering you a better unique natural hair care system. The outcome of this treatment will leave your hair feeling soft, smooth, and without frizz! This hair therapy can change your life; imagine having manageable hair practically 24/7 even after going through the rain, swimming in a pool or the ocean, and even just getting out of the shower and not needing to style your hair and just go (don't get us wrong, you can style your hair any way you want, but we've done tests that showed on average you can in fact let your hair air dry and the results are still as stunning!)

There's no need to apply products that have formaldehyde in them just to get enriched straightened hair! 

Jean De Perle Bio Anti Frizz Therapy is the next generation in hair smoothing and texture control.

Our treatment is based on a composition of acidic proteins, amino acids and clay which promotes natural volume and frizz control in all types of hair.  It is a system that uses pure amino acids, mineral elements, vitamin K and keratin protein to transform hair texture, both inside and out.

Bio Anti Frizz Elements has NO harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde products are commonly used in hair salons and can make you have side effects such as: sore throats, irritated/burning eyes, and harsh fumes.

Whether you have a you're a professional with hair, have a salon, or looking to start a business of your own then this service should be offered by you because it provides a friendly environment for you and your clients.

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