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Welcome to Element Hair Therapy where we provide the best quality products for all types of hair!

Whether Shampoo, Conditioner, Masks, Serums, or especially our Natural and Chemical FREE Keratin treatment, 

the Elements in these products can help keep your hair healthy and beautiful!

Invest in yourself and take care of yourself NOW, your hair will thank you later in life!

In addition to offering top quality products which help keep your hair clean and silky smooth, Element Hair Therapy also offers Jean De Perle's Natural Keratin called Elements.  When applied, you can maintain straight hair without any harsh chemicals!

See our STEP BY STEP guide or our FAQ page for more info.

"It looks like I always just walked out of the Salon."

- Ivana P.

"My hair has been the healthiest it's been my whole entire life!"

- Susan C.

Element Therapy is the next generation in hair smoothing and texture control. We 
use pure amino acids, mineral elements, vitamin K and keratin protein to transform hair texture, both inside and out.

While our Natural Keratin product eliminates 90%-100% of curls and frizz without the damage or health risk 

associated with other smoothing, straightening and hair-relaxing type products, 

we do offer products that can assist with curly hair also!

Nourish Naturally

NO Harsh Chemicals

Clean and Enrich

For All Types of Hair

Strengthen and Improve

Featured Products

Natural Hair Straightening Treatment Kit - 8oz
$186.99  $124.99
Natural Hair Straightening Treatment Kit - 32oz
$444.99  $325.00
Nouvelle Vie Hair Shampoo - 450ml
$35.99  $29.99
Nouvelle Vie Curl Cream - 450ml
$32.99  $24.99
Combo: Nouvelle Vie Hair Shampoo + Cream - 450ml
$77.99  $74.99